Continuous Output and Navigation Technology with Refinement On-Line



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Despite significant advances in data processing over the years, many data-intensive applications still run in batch mode: they require a long period of time to execute, and during that time they provide neither feedback nor control to the user. This state of affairs holds in a number of important domains, from the desktop (e.g., spreadsheets) to the back office (e.g., decision support) to new high-end applications (e.g., data mining and visualization tools). In each of these domains, batch processing is frustrating or even unacceptable for serious users. In order to investigate large data sets, users require on-line behavior: they need to get meaningful feedback while the system runs, and they need to be able to act on the feedback by controlling the system while it runs.

We are addressing these problems with CONTROL: Continuous Output and Navigation Technology with Refinement On-Line. We are developing a set of core technologies for building applications that provide CONTROL behavior, and deploying those technologies in a variety of applications including database query processing, data mining, user-interface widgets, and data visualization.

Of all men's miseries, the bitterest is this: to know so much and have control over nothing. -- Herodotus


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